Seven-Day Chan Retreat - Application
Seven-day Chan retreat is a period of intensive practice where conduct is regulated by firm set of rules and regulations. Participants rise at 5 a.m., go to rest at 10 a.m. and spend their entire day in practice. Everyone is expected to follow daily schedule. Participants maintain silence and leave their mobile phones upon arrival. We ask those who know that they will struggle following these guidelines not to apply.
Please answer thoroughly the following questions, even if you have already answered them on previous occasions. Write anything that you find relevant, but was not covered in questions, in "Notes to the Centre" entry.
Information that you give is considered confidential and will only be used by the teacher to help you during the retreat.
Name and surname:
Date of birth:
Contact phone no:
Your photo:
Member of the Buddhist centre, Zagreb:  Yes   No
I want to be on your mailing list:  Yes   No   I already am

Previous meditation experience
How long do you practice meditation?
Who instructed you?
How regular is your practice?  daily 
How long is your sitting period?
Your method of meditation is:
What posture do you use?
Have you already attended a prolonged meditation retreat?  Yes   No
Please list the latest ones: Teacher: 


Health information  
The purpose of these questions is to ascertain possible effects of retreat on your health status.
Have you ever experienced serious leg or back problems?  Yes   No
Please state the nature of problem and current condition:
Have you ever been treated for serious emotional problems?  Yes   No
Please state the nature of problem and current condition:
Do you have low or high blood pressure?  Yes   No
How serious?
Have you ever during meditation experienced symptom of headache, dizziness, palpitation or shortness of breath?  Yes   No
Please state the nature of problem and current condition:
Do you have heart problems?  Yes   No
How serious?
Did you ever undergo a major surgery?  Yes   No
Please state the nature of problem and current condition:
Do you have dietary restrictions or food allergies?  Yes   No
Please explain:
Do you suffer from other allergies?  Yes   No
Please explain:
Have you ever had serious infectious disease?  Yes   No
Please state the nature of problem and current condition:
Is any of the above problems aggraveted under stress?  Yes   No
Please explain:
Accommodation Group accommodation with up to eight people in one sleeping room, two bathrooms per room, three vegetarian meals included.
Notes to the Centre:
Applications are accepted on first come first serve basis. If you do not hear from us, your application was accepted. If we have any further questions we will contact you. Retreat details will be sent once the application process is closed, one week prior to the retreat.

Recommended payment for the retreat is determined by the type of your member status in Buddhist centre:
Patrons 1,160 kuna
Full members 1,580 kuna
Associated members 1,720 kuna
Non-members 1,860 kuna.

Depending on the number of applications, the Center offers two volunteer places. Please e-mail us for details.

To complete your application, please pay in advance the entire amount to the following account:

Budistički centar
Đorđićeva 23
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
IBAN HR73 2484 0081 1030 7459 6
Ref. no. 00 07-03-2010
Payment purpose: Seven-day Chan retreat

Bank details for international transfers:
Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.
Magazinska 69
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

If you cancel up to one month prior to the retreat we will return the payment in full minus organizing costs. If you cancel up to eight days prior to the retreat we will retain 50% of the payment. In case of last week cancellation or no-show we retain the full payment. Please have that in mind when you apply. Thank you for your understanding.

I have read and understood conditions of this application. All information I have given here is complete and accurate. 

If you experience problems sending this application please refresh the page, fill out all fields, attach .jpg file and fill the Captha code.